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1.1.    This User Agreement (hereinafter referred as the Agreement) is a contract - a public offer, by the administration of the service «MICETRAVEL.SPACE» (hereinafter - the Service), and you (the natural person or legal entity), (hereinafter - the user), and regulates the conditions of use of the service. Use of the Service materials is governed by the Law of Ukraine "Authors and Related Rights Act" («Про авторське право і суміжні права»), as well as international norms on authors rights and copyright.

1.2.    In accordance with the terms of this Agreement, any reproduction or use of the Service materials (text, images and other content) for their public or commercial use in the Internet and/or other printed media is strictly prohibited.

1.3.    All materials of the Service «MICETRAVEL.SPACE» is the subject of intellectual property, and the Service reserves the right to protect their copyrights and immediately respond to any violations.

1.4.    The access to the Service, its use and/or the performance of any other actions related to users of the service means that the user accepts and agrees to comply with all provisions of this Agreement. The registration (authorization) of the user on the Service is available only when the user agrees on the additional confirmation of this Agreement. In case of disagreement with the terms of the Agreement, the user should stop using of the service immediately.

1.5.    The Agreement Terms of Service apply to all users – both on those who do not have an account (unregistered user) and on those who have already been registered. The account refers to a collection of information about the user and data authentication (login, password).

1.6.    This Agreement can be amended and/or supplemented by the Service Administration unilaterally without any prior notice. This Agreement is an open and public document. A new version of the Agreement shall come into effect upon its publication on the website.

1.7.    The legal relations arising between the user and the Service Administration in connection with the implementation of the Agreement are governed by the laws of Ukraine.

1.8.    The Service user is any natural person or legal entity who gains the access to the Service, and reached the age limit for the fulfillment of the acceptance of this Agreement.

1.9.    This Agreement does not grant the user any proprietary rights to any intellectual property of the Service, or a third party, if it is not explicitly stated, and all proprietary rights with respect to such objects remain solely the rights of the Service «MICETRAVEL.SPACE» and/or the relevant third party.




2.1.    The user places on the Service website any information which contains intellectual property rights, searches and/or booking of any product and ensures that the downloading, copying and use of this information and/or intellectual property will not infringe rights of third parties.

2.2.    Upon registering on the website and ordering, the user agrees to provide true and accurate personal contact information.

2.3.    To generate the query, the user needs to be registered or authorized, but it is necessary to be accredited for an order based on the user id request.

2.4.    To generate bookings and invoices on demand, the user needs to be accredited in the user profile.

2.5.    Upon the accreditation, the user concludes an agency agreement in which the service «MICETRAVEL.SPACE» acts as a general agent.

2.6.    The Service «MICETRAVEL.SPACE» conducts an automatic query of the relevance of the query cost. The information on the id to order request change, and the order status is to be received by the user with a service message of the mail service of «MICETRAVEL.SPACE».

2.7.    Service «MICETRAVEL.SPACE» in the form of General Agency carries out agency activity in the country of the customer service and receives payment exclusively on the accounts of enterprises providers (mice travel ltc astoria travel ltc juniors). User can also pay by payment cards VISA / MASTER with the commission of 2,4% for acquiring services.

2.8.    Postal service of «MICETRAVEL.SPACE» gives the opportunity not only to send and receive the service messages by the order of the system, but also to form a mailing for subscribed groups and individuals, and directly subscribe for specialization providers and geolocation data (country, region, city).



3.1.    In order to gain access to all features of the Service, including the search provider or booking of separate services, the user must go through the registration process on the website by having carried out a series of sequential actions to fill the electronic registration form, as a result, the user becomes a registered user, and receives personal login and password to access all the features and resources of the Service.

3.2.    During the registration process on the website, the user receives a login and password for the security of which he/she is personally responsible.

3.3.    The user agrees to provide true, accurate and complete information on the registration form, and, if necessary, update it.

3.4.    The Service Administration has the right to block and/or delete the user profile, the user information, and to deny access to some or all of the website's features without giving reasons. The same applies in cases where The Service Administration finds that the personal information provided by the user is inaccurate, incomplete, and violates the terms of this Agreement, or if the user is using false information.




4.1.    The user can login to the website of the Service through the putting of a personal login and password in the appropriate box or by authorization through social networks.

4.2.    The personal login and password required for authentication on the website is belonged to that user only.

4.3.    The user agrees not to transmit, disclose the login and password to third parties, as well as to take all necessary measures to ensure that the username and password will not become available to third parties. The personal login and password allow access to those sections of the Service that are accessible only to registered users, as well as the personal pages of the Service, intended only for the user.

4.4.    If any person other than the user logs in to the website using the username and password of the user, then all acts performed by such a person will be considered as the actions of the user. The user is personally responsible for all activities that occur on the website with using the login and password of the user by third parties.

4.5.    The user is personally responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password and for any consequences that may result in unauthorized using of the password.

4.6.    The Service Administration is not responsible for any loss or damage of data, which can occur as a result of violation of the provisions of this part of the User Agreement.




5.1.    Upon the acceptance of this Agreement, the user agrees, that The Service Administration can process personal data in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and the requirements of current legislation of Ukraine.

5.2.    In providing and/or posting on the website any information that contains personal data of third parties, the User warrants that any such action does not violate the statutory and/or the Agreement, the rights of third parties, and in particular ensures that every such action affects confirmed Liability of the user`s consent of the subject of appropriate personal data.



6.           THE USER`S RIGHTS.

6.1.    The user CAN place content on the Service in accordance with these terms and conditions and to use all the technical possibilities offered by the Service «MICETRAVEL.SPACE».

6.2.    The user agrees not to take any actions that may be considered as violating the legislation of Ukraine or norms of international law, including in the field of intellectual property, copyright / or related rights, as well as any actions that lead or may lead to violations of the normal operation of the Service.



7.           When using the Service, the user is forbidden to:

7.1.    create multiple accounts on the website, if in fact they belong to the same user.

7.2.    perform any act for the purpose of misleading.

7.3.    publish information that violates the copyright, and the rights and legitimate interests of third parties.

7.4.    to register an account on behalf or instead of another person. The registration of the name and on behalf of another person or legal entity is available according to the necessary authority in the manner and form stipulated by the current legislation of Ukraine.

7.5.    use any computer programs to automate the collection of information on the website.

7.6.    to carry out the illegal collection, organization and dissemination of information posted on the website.



8.1. The user alone is responsible for any use of the information posted on the website of the Service.

8.2. The user undertakes at the own expense to settle all claims by third parties relating to an act or omission of the user while using the Service.




9.1. In order to improve the Service, the Service Authority has the right to process and analyze the user's personal data in order to get users to personalize information and/or advertising.

9.2. The Service can provide links to third-party websites. Third-party websites can also provide links to service. Third-party websites operate in accordance with their own terms of use and security policies.



10.1. Service «MICETRAVEL.SPACE» is not responsible for the using by third party any information posted by users on the website (for example, if the user has authorized access to the user`s information to the third-party, or if the third party has got an unauthorized access), including the copying, reproduction and distribution implemented in the framework of the Service, as well as other possible methods.

10.2. The Service «MICETRAVEL.SPACE"  does not indemnify direct or indirect damages caused by the user or third parties arising from the use or non-use, including the inability to use the Service.

10.3. Service «MICETRAVEL.SPACE» is not responsible for the loss of users to access the account on the website.




11.1. The Service is protected by intellectual property rights of The Service Administration. All the exclusive property copyrights belong to The Service of The Service Administration. Use of The Service users can be performed strictly within the framework of this Agreement, and the Ukrainian legislation on intellectual property rights.

11.2. This Agreement shall come into effect on the first visit by the user of the Service, and is valid for the entire period of use of The Service user.

11.3. The Service has the right to unilaterally change the price, type and terms of service activities provided within The Service.

11.4. The Service has the right to assign the rights under this Agreement to a third party, without notifying the user.


11.5. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the requirements of current legislation of Ukraine. Issues not regulated by the Agreement, shall be settled in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. Each side fully agrees that the relevant courts of Ukraine have exclusive jurisdiction to hear any claims or disputes relating to this Agreement.